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the following black and red two patent leather version of frequent exposure, in black patent leather version to determine release date before long, a pair of royal blue patent leather version of the air jordan 11Lab4 exposed the real spy. Although just heel part of the local spy photos, but it is enough to show shoes to the pure blue, followed by black Jumpman logo embellishment to speculate. For the sample in the spy, offering information disclosure not this color. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: trey_steiger[Chinese shoes Network - when the new equipment] has four Ballon d'Or Lionel Messi Golden Globe in hand, most likely in this year's award for the fifth time champion, which hit a Golden Globes history new record. To commemorate the great achieveme cheap air jordans online nts in the history of the best football players of the 10th, adidas has recently created a special pair Messi 15 "10/10" limited edition boots. The shoe with black shoe as the basis, supplemented by the upper embossed Messi similar exclusive Logo, and golden number is followed by the position of "10" number one status symbol, followed by spikes in addition it uses the same design gold plating to enhance absorption accuracy. It is reported that this pair of shoes to create a limited edition only 100 pairs, of which 89 pairs will be officially on sale on October 10 this year, and only Messi himself US8.5 code book used to choose from, while the other 11 pairs by Messi himself and his selection out of 10 young people have.Levi's jeans brand story ( Levi's ):Levi's jeans ( Levi's ) is one of the most famous name from the United States of america. In 1853 the young Jewish businessman Levy Strauss ( Levi Strauss ) to address the backlog of canvas tried a number of low waist, straight, hip circumference small tight pants, to San Francisco work foamposites for cheap ers in the gold rush. Because this kind of pants more solid than the wear-resistant cotton trousers and popular. So, Li Weisuo started a company that specializes in the production of canvas overalls, and in their own name " Levi's " as a brand, Levi's jeans ( Levi's ) myth also unfolded.??Levi's ( Levi's ) source of inspiration:For many people, Levi's is the source of all cowboys. Indigo denim, lumbar posterior skin chapter, rear pants bag arc, rivet, unique red flag standard, important design elements of these today we indulge in elaborating on jeans, are derived from Levi's jeans creation (Levi's).Imported from France blue denim with Livy in 1855, to replace the original with canvas, established the basic tone of modern jeans;In 1873 in order to allow workers can contain nuggets of gold, especially in the bag after Levi's jeans with rivets, strengthen the durability.That same year, Levi's jeans pocket more sewing on the double arc suture, known as Arcuate Design;In 1886 Levi's jeans trousers with bismaleimide pattern the last skin cha jordan 3 katrina 2018 pter, become a symbol of Levi's jeans long-wearing;In 1890, Levis Strauss will be the first jeans code, be known to all the world 501 is Levi's 's first jeans model;In 1936 in order to imitation are distinguished from the other company, Levi's in the jeans with bags of red flag emblem, as authentic Levi's logo.Levi's as a leading brand of fashion and jeans, 100 years of constant pursuit of innovation, in 1960, Levi's launched a series of jeans washing, 1967 bell pants type, in 1986 began producing a piercing tattered jeans, jeans pants over the " edge ", 2003, sexy fashion tailored to the unique styles to cool TYPE1 TM series was born ... ...The 1853 gold rush that attracted Levi Strauss ( Levy Strauss ) came to San Francisco, he uses canvas first jeans.Because Levi's ( Levi's jeans are very durable, wear-resistant ) with high strength and toughness, warmly welcome to dig gold workers.Levi's can not be met for the single R red flag, in view of the relevant provisions of international trademark, a red mark only the " R " logo, with the w air jordan 11 space jam for sale ords of Levi's, has been retained. R the original logo in the world every 1000 Levi's jeans only one, in order to maintain the Levi's flag as the important position of a registered trademark, so, when you find only sign R Levi's jeans, as your collection of brain, because the probability of 1/1000, is the event can not be for in the global market.??Levi's jeans ( Levi's ), a symbol of American culture:The hearts of the world, in more than 3500000000 of global sales of Levi's jeans is not only a fashion trendsetter, is a typical representative of the United States of America fashion spirit, distinctive and symbolic significance: " independent ", " freedom ", " adventure ", " sexy ".The nineteenth Century gold rush to let the United States become the paradise adventure, but also indirectly contributed to the United States economy, create enterprising, straightforward, free of the American culture, which was exquisite and delicate and gorgeous " aristocratic " European culture is different. Levi's for the rough uninhibited Hatter design je Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ans, it became the desire for freedom, independence, the ideal new attitude of life the most direct expression. Therefore, from a certain point of view, Levi's jeans appeared, became the symbol of a kind of attitude to life, and then become a watershed in American style and European culture.With the development of era and environment, Levi's ( Levi's ) have been given more spiritual and cultural and artistic temperament, but the Levi's ( Levi's ) the original wild, resolute, rebellion and American pioneer spirit, is always wearing Levi's ( Levi's ) a kind of life attitude people admire the most.In 1954 James Dean ( James Dean, 50's of last century, the Hollywood Sexy Idol ) wearing Levi's jeans in the blockbuster movie, Levi's had become " a symbol of individuality and treason".Levi's ( Levi's jeans double arc )Levi's ( Levi's jeans leather chapter )Levi's ( Levi's jeans rivet )Double arc, PI chapter, rivet -- Levi's ( Levi's jeans ) original logo representativeToday, jeans have become not only the performance of sexy, youth, vitality, and never out of "fashion ". In all the jeans brand in the world, Levi's ( Levi's ) like a hundred years of evergreen tree, from 1873 Levi's ( Levi's jeans ) founder Levi Strauss produced the first Levi's jeans, jeans, Levi's natural with the United States in the gold rush, cowboy and American troops together, and even become a part of the history of the United states. The world is very difficult to have a clothing brand after 130 years of groundless talk like Levi's, from one country to the global epidemic, like always maintain brand personality, and become the world men and women, old and young can accept the leadership of denim and fashion brand, this is Levi's brand to create the myth of a century.??like Levi's jeans ( Levi's ) celebrity:The last century 50's, the jeans culture with a glorious era of Hollywood into the world, James Dean ( James Dean ) wearing Levi's jeans on the screen debut; Marlon Barndo, Elvis Presley, Madonna Rock, the influential man in different times, has become a famous Levi's fan.Nike Air Safari VNTG "Classic Stone" exposure physical picture 2013-12-08 23:01:44 recently exposed the Nike network Air Safari VNTG "Classic Stone" in "Classic Stone" vamp collocation of the classic elements into so many friends must have fascinated, it has exposed a number of information, love friends can look at. Nike Air Safari VNTG "Classic Stone item: 525245-040 after the pop star Rihanna, popular idol Luhan after, international supermodel Wen Liu as the new puma in Greater China spokesperson and debuted in puma Shanghai flagship store on Huaihai Road. The Liu Wen portrait interpretation of the spring and summer of 2016 in a large image, her interpretation of the dynamic running training series; fresh summer leisure life and cool fashion series; SELECT series. Each set of collocation are excellent annotated new wave of women's fashion movement. 2012-8-8 07:58 upload download attachment (92.16, KB) Crew New Balance brand J. cooperation with the United States fashion leisure for everyone to bring the 1400 2012 winter series new color version of the shoe body with high quality suede material, grey and white collocation followed by elements in the bottom, while the blue, red and green colors color tone for the gloomy winter season is very brisk, now officially on sale at J.Crew, priced at about $140. 2012-8-8 07:58 upload and download attachments (85.42 KB) 2012-8-8 07:58 upload and download attachments (85.55 KB) 2007 launched a Nike Dunk Low SB "Freddy Krueger" sample shoes, let us see the "nightmare" shoes "image of the theme. The Air Jordan V once again choose this theme, the shoe body with white leather color, decorative design to be besmeared with blood, black shoes did not let go of blood, dark tongue decoration full of charred texture also reflected, black and red stripes represent a "nightmare" shoe leather "often wears a T-shirt image. The outsole and midsole are still our usual black counterparts in the crystal bottom.currently determined the release date will be officially on sale in December 13th, priced at $$185. item: 414571-003 release date: December 13thPrice: