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Nike Air Woven uppers with an elastic band of hand-woven polyester braid to provide perfect the fit, like a second skin feet. Hand woven a variety of colors so that the upper richer, Phylon midsole adds to its wearing comfort and the fit. Nike Air Woven in the heel of the Nike Air technology used. In order to pay tribute to the hard work this summer in football teams and players, the summer of 2012 launched a number of new colors, from April designated for sale in shops in the global Nike. Nike Woven Street Gato Initially designed for small to build a football field through the transformation of Nike Sportswear Gato became Woven Street Gato. Nike Woven Street Gato low to help the appearance and traditional shoe design, coupled with its strong performance and styling achievements can be transformed into Nike Sportswear shoes. Its surface through the traditional process using high-grade leather processing exhibit noble temperament. Large surface area of ??basket weaving and full leather lining adds to its sense of quality. summer released a total of Nike Woven Street Gato color is: black and brown and white red.will be officially on sale in April 12th. release date: April 12th related information:, Nanjing's basketball team representing GUL, is currently joining the JORDAN Summer League, opening their annual OPEN RUN. Just tonight, the 2017 OPEN RUN GUL secon jordan 3 katrina 2018 d week race will start at the sunset basketball park in Nanjing, and BALLIN will again lead you to the scene and feel the restlessness from the streets of Nanjing. GUL will look for the new force on the streets of Nanjing through the OPEN RUN, select new members for the team, and represent GUL in the domestic and international competitions, and fight for Nanjing together. It will also select 6 MOP for the JORDAN Summer League final in Shanghai. today (Thursday) [BALL LIKE PRO] into the Nanjing GUL field, bring you a taste of the charm of Nanjing street! Attention to live, perhaps there will be less than the gift of great broadcast Oh! Live Trailer today (8.17), 19:30 PM, and BALLIN together to find the streets of Nanjing hope! live broadcast platform BALLIN Penguin live (room number 10002943) JORDAN Summer League presentation The JORDAN Summer League in July 14th in the north of Guangzhou three city started, this is the JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB as the main body, is committed to the design of the flying elite basketball tournament, has a strong belief in the winning players to go to the end. League is divided into urban primary, city finals and national finals three links. First, the players compete for the MOP seat in the city's primaries to qualify for the city finals. Among them, the 12 MOP in Nanjing and Wuhan will qualify for the national finals through t jordans on sale mens he city primaries and the city finals in the Shanghai division. The NanJing Railway Station will also elect 6 MOP. finally, nationwide, there will be four top teams together to compete for the 2017 annual JORDAN Summer League championship! source: RON, the original author, all In this paper, all rights reserved. , editor: big The famous comic " famous Japanese cartoonist Mr. Takehiko Inoue's dunk master" with a lot of the 80 who dreams of mind in a way, today is still a lot of basketball fans and anime fans about the topic, in that few can see NBA video game nor rich Internet's life, a master and a Dunk Basketball has become indispensable when children part of life. Even if the television replay hundreds of times, you will also follow to see hundreds of times, this is not wrong! I carry your youth blood drip the legend of God, more or less affected the US, in this period, Xiaobian bring you is the protagonist through the master dunk shoes. Hunan color is the most fiery bulls in color, the author put his love for Jordan, the Bulls into his own basketball comic creation, which contains thick truth more easily resonate basketball fans. Hunan, this has never been optimistic about the team, so quietly in the hearts of many people become the self-evident. Yingmuhuadao height 189.2 cm, weight 83 kg, layman thoroughly without the basketball fo jordan shoes online sale undation, in addition to the rebound skill, amazing power, jumping ability, speed and die fighting spirit, exercise habits and nerve as well as the layman is different from ordinary people, let the opponents guessing his next move. kind of obsession and dedication of Sakuragi basketball infected many sports loving young basketball fans. As one of the absolute heroes of comics, he certainly never lacks the bright spot that attracts you. Air Jordan 8 $879 to buy ; Air Jordan 8 Alternate with white as the basic tone, graffiti style lining and embroidered with 1993 red shoes, to create unique visual sense. Using high quality leather uppers with metal straps to create red plastic buckle is solidly jointed and comfortable; the heel is equipped with built-in Air-Sole air cushion, with rubber outsole collocation multi grip shading, show the actual performance. I height 187 cm, weight 75 kg, known as the "super rookie", Hunan is the array of ACE, handsome cool appearance is the object, the girls had a crush on the same, he also has a Air foot rotation Jordan Brand shoes, Air shoes Jordan 5 with his chic flowing style. Come and go on the pitch is just like a gust of wind, take people's attention. Air Jordan 6 $988 to buy Rukawa Kaede with Air Jordan, the Brand men's basketball shoes have excellent cushioning properties sensitive to help you experience in the field o foamposites for cheap f battle, enjoy the quick comfortable game, basketball shoes after the air cushion can effectively improve the springback response performance, plastic is full of explosive pace of performance, at the same time in the fast break and steering. UltraBOOST 3 continued to force the new color of the usher in a good temperament, the biggest bright spot should be the silver bottom in Boost. The 3 version of the unique Primeknit collocation patterns woven uppers, black and grey color will create a "snowflake" feeling, and the silver bottom in BOOST together to enhance the overall visual effect at the same time, can also eliminate the original white BOOST in the bottom oxide yellow concerns. Its translucent brackets and heel veneers are also light gray in the same color. It can be said to be quite beautiful. But there is no specific marketing information about these shoes. Please continue to pay attention to interested friends. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! LV yesterday released after 18 spring and summer series, a full preview we bring LV18 spring and summer series accessories for everybody, retained the classic LV printing design at the same time, the dress of the colorful elements, bring all kinds of travel bags, watches, belts, and other rich wine accessories. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!2013-1-28 uploads, downloads, attachments (281.08, KB), at 23:38, `1 {A3 {B'['the; followed the AIR JORDAN 2010 White and black color blend, and the white color appeared in front of everyone. There are rumors that in 2010, AIR JORDAN series will be introduced on behalf of all white re engraved, from AJ1 to AJ2010, I do not know whether the white color is one of 25 pairs of pure white color...... Is there really a tale of 25 pairs of pure white on the market? Everything will naturally unravel in 2010. Coming soonTOP12 Wade 2006 finals G3 (0:2 backward) data: 42 points 13 rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals in 26 14 three pointers in 132 1 penalty 18big score 0:2 behind, the last third games left 34 minutes and 6 seconds, the heat behind 13 points. It seems 0:3 is a foregone conclusion, the calf has already put the championship in the bag. But Wade did not agree! Wade led the heat completed one of the most incredible reversal in the NBA, wade in the last six minutes scored 12 points, leading the heat final 13 points of reversal. Finally, thanks to Payton, who came to hug the thigh, Payton, you're looking for someone. But this can not pick up the champion Payton Payton, no G3 is not the championship winner. G3's unexpected defeat gave a heavy blow to the Mavericks, after the Mavericks did not reverse the situation, even under the 4 board. Wade finally hit the historical efficiency of the first final, becoming the first generation of 03 gold FMVP. TOP11 James 2013 finals G7 (grab seven battle of life and death) data: 37 points 12 rebounds and 4 assists and 2 steals 23 12 three 10 shots in 5 of 8 free throws in 8Ray Allen's 3 gave James a chance to redeem, James successfully grasp the. As the history of the seven scoring king and life and death battle scoring king, James in the most important game of NBA did not let everyone down. In the all NBA fans anticipated game, James have withstood the pressure, before being ridiculed the jumper one after another in the Spurs heart. Finally the bagged 37 points, is the NBA finals to grab seven to win the highest score, and at the last moment into the winning goal + winning steals. Whether it is a critical moment or the overall performance are impeccable. TOP10 Duncan 2003 finals G1data: 32 points 20 rebounds and 6 assists and 3 steals and 7 blocks of 17 voted 11 of 14 free throws 11and TOP15 in front of a similar comment, Duncan one of the greatest years of occupation career, help a retired admiral. Comprehensive data extremely, poverty, defense, coordinate all alone. The finals against the nets completely dominated the series, made a comprehensive data. TOP9 Jordan in 1896 first round G2 (0:1 backward) data: 63 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists and 3 steals and 2 blocks in 41 shot 22 of 21 free throws in 19"god dressed in 23 in the play", this is Bird after the game to Jordan evaluation. Jordan has suffered a major injury in the second season of his career, and he has been out of the season. But Jordan was forced to "love the game terms" comeback, led the bulls in the eastern part of the eighth grades into the playoffs. At the time of the bulls is the history of all the NBA into the playoffs in the team's worst record, but also in the face of dynasty team Celt, the results can be imagined. 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